Hi there. Thanks for checking out the site. The bookings for this event are now closed. But If you’d like to talk about doing this for your business, team and confidence building, drop me a main to simonATsimonrushtonDOT com.



Get Certified as an Open Water Scuba Diver and Learn New Life and Work Skills

Scuba Diving can change your life. People have gone on a holiday and become hooked to the sport. When you learn to dive you learn a whole set of new skills, overcoming problems and you step outside your comfort zone. You learn team work and find out things about yourself that you didn’t know… like how courageous you can be. All of that is true for an ordinary Scuba Diving course, but this programme is different!

In 6 days you will get great training in Scuba diving from local Diving Instructors, and extra support from PADI Master Scuba Diving Instructor Simon Rushton.
But this is so much more than just learning to dive! You will also get personal development support from Sarah Kellard from Illuminow Learning. Sarah is a Behavioural Change Specialist.

Sarah’s focus is on unlocking people’s internal barriers to success that’s the distinguishing mark of lluminow Learning‘s approach.
Sarah. use a wide range of tools and techniques including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, NLP and classic coaching, and also, where appropriate, hypnosis to change how people think, act and feel.
You will learn new habits and ways of thinking that will help you through the course AND give you skills useful for life and invaluable for employers. You will have built your own confidence and come away from the course with a fresh view and trust in your own abilities.

It’s not a holiday! You will return home delightfully exhausted, physically and mentally… but emotionally inspired!

To book with Scuba Travel

Call Scuba Travel on 0800 072 8221
Please quote reference TRP 33938 57540
Deposit wise it would be £700 per person. Scuba Travel charge 2% on credit cards, nothing on debit cards.

Costs paid to Scuba Travel

The cost for the trip, including your flights, the PADI Open Water Course and 7 nights half board at the Three Corners (Adults only Hotel) in El Gouna in Hurgada is £1995 per person sharing.
For £45 you can upgrade to all inclusive at the hotel for the duration of the trip.
The prices ALSO includes Manchester to Hurghada flights with Thomas Cook (20kgs hold allowance) and transfers in Egypt.
(Prices subject to price and availability at the time of booking

Locally paid costs
We’ve tried to include everything in the price, but there are a few extras you will need to purchase. For example if you are a British Passport Holder you can buy your visa at the airport for $30 US.
Kit hire is included for the duration of the course, but we have an extra day of diving to a surprise location. This is around 30 euro for full kit hire paid locally per person. Also carry 70 egyptian pounds for lunch on the day boat!

For certification you will also need to pay the PADI certification fee approx 35 euro upon completion of the course

You may want to bring money for extras, evenings out if you’re not too tired, curios… etc etc. Personally I use ATMs when I’m there.
You can get travel and diving insurance from Scuba Travel who will be happy to put you in touch with reputable brokers

OUT: 22/9/17 Manchester Hurghada 13:55 20:35
RETURN: 29/9/17 Hurghada Manchester 21:35 03:35

Fitness to Dive

You don’t have to be a strong swimmer, but you should be able to swim 200 metres and be able to tread water or survival float for 10 minutes.

Health wise you need to be fit to dive and you will need to bring this form with you: Download Here. Be honest! If you answer YES to any of the questions or you’re not SURE go and get checked up and signed off by your doctor. We’d hate you to arrive and not be able to dive


To secure your place on this course please call Scuba Travel and pay your deposit. Places are limited to first come and first served.

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